Feature Films 2016

Director: Tim Burnham
Info: California, 2016, 62min
Showing: 8 Dec, 6pm, Labia

Waves are Wedges when they boast the same convulsive consequence of a warped weirdness in the barrel when they break. Usually man-made, when swell bounces off piers, or groynes, or walls, this is the story of THE Wedge of Newport Beach. The most hardcore Wedge in the world is woven into the fabric of Californian surf folklore tighter than the braided beanie atop a Peruvian pensioner’s head. Sit back, suck on some anti-inflammatories to stave off a brain explosion as you are swept along and over the falls in this partly awe-inspiring doccie laced with elements of a horror movie.

Director: Peter Hamblin
Info: USA, Hawaii, South Africa, 2016, 50min
Showing: 7 Dec, 7pm, Jack Black & All African Night 10 Dec, 8pm, Labia

Who is this Frank Solomon? Big wave surfer from Cape Town, or someone we don’t know at all? No one knows the real Frank Solomon. Nooit bru, you might not even know the fake Frank. The weirdness of Peter Hamblin’s filmmaking morphs with this mysterious hook, and movie magic is made. It’s a smash hit everywhere it’s screened, and looks a shoe-in for the Surfer Poll of the year. How did it come about? Well, Frank met Peter in a bar. The rest is his story. See what we did there?

SORRIA – SA Premiere
Director: Gabriel Novis,
Info: Mexico, Indonesia, California, Hawaii, 2016, 42min
Showing: Ladies Night 11 Dec, 8pm, Labia

Sorria means smile in Portuguese. Director Gabriel Novis wants to communicate the personality of a new generation of Brazilian surfers. With insane surfing by the likes of Filipe Toledo, Yago Dora, Jesse Mendes, Ian Gouveia, and Victor Bernardo, never mind smile: this is the broad grin of the Brazilian Storm. This is the deep bass of multiple guffawing, and the high pitched treble of worldwide hooting. Make way for this explosion of talent. It goes way beyond the restraints of contest surfing.


Director: Joaquin and Julian Azulay
Info: Argentina, 2016, 88min (subtitles)
Showing: 8 Dec, 8pm, Labia

Ay. Like. Bruuuu! We’re hangin’ with those chilled Spanish ous the Gauchos del Mar bros again. This time, we’re on a new madcap mission into a remote but majestically beautiful hinterland to find epic surf. And true to the brothers’ barrel radar, they find the proverbial needle in a haystack during 53 days of exploring Peninsula Mitre of Argentina, a large area in Tierra del Fuego on the southeastern tip of South America a spit away from icebergs and Antarctica. They surf a world-class wave that no human has surfed before. Quick! Before it’s gone.

Director: Heather Hudson
Info: California, 2016, 43min
Showing: Ladies Night 11 Dec, 8pm, Labia

Another fine documentary celebrating a group of hand-selected women and their unique approach to surfing and life. Director Heather Hudson follows on from the first Women and Waves film with another crafted look at the state of surfing today from a feminine perspective. She documents the story of six women who celebrate life in life-affirming ways, with none of that “I can’t do it” crap. This one is also one for the sister sliders of the surfing soul.

Director: Marcy Cravat
Info: USA, UK, Mexico, Indonesia, Grenada, 2014, 74min
Showing: 11 Dec, 6pm, Labia

Angel Azul is no craft brew for a Cape Town IPA. It means Blue Angel, the title of this trippy feature about the extraordinary journey of artist Jason deCaires Taylor, who comes up with an innovative and deeply ironic plan to ease the perilous state of our coral reefs. He makes hauntingly beautiful underwater statues in shockingly human-like form. Over time, like Johnny Depp and his mottled collection of pirate reprobates, this collective symbol of human destruction begins to become a coral reef. And thus this link between us and the ocean turns the tide and reverses the trend. Deep!

Producer: Red Bull Media House
Info: North Pacific, 2016, 90min
Showing: Red Bull Night, 9 Dec, 8pm, Labia 

From the creators of The Art of Flight, this snowboarding epic stars iconic athlete Travis Rice as he plots a 16,000 mile route to follow the hydrological storm cycle around the north Pacific, including brain-bursting sequences of snowboard action in the back country of Wyoming. You will be transfixed to your seat, craft beer fused to your sweaty mit, while the mind-blowing imagery, ridiculous 4K footage, arty blend of surf and snowboarding, and high-octane cinematography blasts your socks off.

Producer: Red bull Media House
Info: Zambesi River, 2016, 45min
Showing: Red Bull Night 9 Dec, 6pm, Labia

Two handsome young chaps Jonathan Paredes and Orlando Duque, go on a mellow little trip. They have a conversation that ends something like this: “Hey, I know, why don’t we jump off the cliff at Victoria Falls and freefall for 100 metres. That might be quite fun.” The place where the mighty Zambesi River hurls itself into an ancient abyss, through a rainbow, and into a chasm more than a kilometre long, and named with solemn reverence, The Smoke That Thunders? “Yes, exactly” say our Red Bull cliff divers, “That’s the place! Let’s go there!”

Director: Dustin Humphrey
Info: Deux ex Machina, 2016, 53min
Showing: 3 December Clifton 4th Beach

Who would have thought that motorbikes and mini-mals make for such compelling viewing. Two mates pack their hipster quiver of boards, two bikes and a $50 tent into – or on – a 70s Land Rover. Spraying black volcanic sand from their boneys or crystalline ocean drops from their boards, they venture from southern Bali to Sumatra’s Lagundri Bay to find out if the pioneering spirit remains alive. You decide.


THE ACCORD – SA Premiere<
Director: RC Cone
Info: Iceland, 2016, 18min
Showing: 7 Dec, 8pm, Jack Black

Icelandic surfers get quite grumpy with the relentless North Wind. Growing up