The Wavescape Surf & Ocean Festival has announced a focus on big waves in our expanded lineup of ocean-conscious events. We also welcome our friends at Jack Black Beer, who will be our headline partner.

Core Ocean Events

Our core favourite events – Artboard Project, Clifton Beach Screening, Slide Night, Film Festival and Blue Ocean Master Class – will continue to showcase, entertain and educate. In keeping with our loose theme, our iconic poster depicts a surfer riding a big wave in front of the Sentinel where one of our epic big wave spots loom.

Inspiring Change

Our festival features talented South African creative and scientific minds, who use the ocean as their muse to advocate change. This group of inter-connected minds include marine biologists, conservation influencers, artists, tourist boat operators, surfers, divers, fishers, photographers, authors, filmmakers and activists.

As our Festival Director Shani Judes says: “Each year, our festival showcases amazing people, their acts of kindness, talent and genuine love for the ocean. Pollution and global warming affects us all but we can all help effect that change.”

Epic Films and New Events

Wavescape will host a number of top international and local films, including Satori, a fascinating documentary into the hearts and minds of Cape Town’s gritty big wave surfing crew. In addition to Satori’s premiere, we have included other new events. 

Wavescape hosts the book launch of John McCarthy’s rollicking book The Sexy, Ugly, Beautifuls at Rolling Wood Surf & Skate Store. We will have a big wave board exhibition, a Beach Co-op Beach Cleanup and a Jack Black Movie night.


Taking place in Cape Town between 19 November and 9 December 2018, Wavescape was born of a love for surfing. Now in its 15th year, the festival began as a way to capture the stoke and exhilaration of surfing through stories of exotic destinations and secret waves but has morphed beyond surf culture to the fight for a greener earth and bluer ocean.  

The Festival headline partner is Jack Black Beer & supporting partners are Wesgro, Petco, Long Beach Capital, Gone, Mami Wata, and York Surf.

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