A new photographic book by Paul Weinberg with contributions by poet Stephen Symons, Glen Thompson and Meg Samuelson explores the beach experience of Muizenberg. As Weinberg observes in his introduction, “Beyond our dreams and flights of fantasy, Muizenberg collides and synergises as we look back and ahead, making new waves and layers in the present. Socio economically the place abuts the Cape Flats and rubs shoulders with the more affluent southern suburbs, sensitising itself to the broader issues in Cape Town and South Africa. Its beauty and environment surrounds, perpetually ask questions of those who live here and those who have come to visit or escape.

The images for him are a series of negotiations as he walked his camera and his dogs. A place of celebration, unlpuggedness and part of Cape Town quite misunderstood and misrepresented.

Musing on Muizenberg Weinberg suggests, “Although one inevitably tends to gravitate to the beach, Muizenberg, is much more than a beach, a dog walking destination or a surfer’s paradise. In attempting to understand my new home with greater attention, I intersected with and emersed myself in diverse expressions of ‘beach culture’. Those who came to undress, escape, and dress up again.; or who came to shed masks and find new identities; or to liberate themselves from the uncomfortable pasts and find themselves revelling in the now, free from the weight of politics and social burdens. All of these experiences illicited creative responses to a multi layered and complex environment.”

There will be a pop-up exhibition, music and poetry readings by Stephen Symons. The exhibition will be opened by veteran surfer and modern-day philosopher, Steve Pike.

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