25th JULY 2019 / SAAMBR

Slide-Night is part of the Wavescape Surf & Ocean Festival presented by VANS – an evening of 10 minute talks by eight ocean thought leaders – presented by Petco and Wavescape – that will challenge and inspire you. We invite ocean personalities to tell us, in a short summarised talk, their key experience with the ocean, whether as an artist, activist, scientists or adventurer. It will be a fun gathering where creative people get together to share ideas, works and adventures. There will be a refreshment break for networking.

Slide Night takes place at 7pm on Thursday 25 July at the South African Association for Marine Biological Research (SAAMBR) at uShake Marine World in Durban at 1 King Shaka Ave, Point, Durban, 4001.


If you are a PETCO Member, you are entitled to four tickets as a Voting Member, and two as an Associate Member. Contact Kara Levy at kara.levy@petco.co.za to redeem your ticket(s).

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Janine Osborne

Plastic Bottles Are Not Single-Use, And Other Myths Busted

National Geographic’s June 2018 issue Planet or Plastic? identified plastic in the ocean as one of our greatest global challenges. Plastic is a concern for citizens, government officials and NGOs alike, but we cannot deny that this versatile material has a valuable role to play, especially in growing the economy. How will we feed, clothe and house 7.7 billion people? There is so much confusion about what packaging is really being recycled in South Africa and what is destined for landfill from the outset. For recycling to be successful - to truly contribute towards a circular economy - these are the facts we as consumers need to know.

Janine Osborne’s career is an ongoing pledge towards the protection and health of our oceans – from her work with the Namibian government as an intertidal biologist, to pioneering the sustainable seafood movement in South Africa with the WWF-SASSI Programme, to her current work with PETCO, the South African PET Plastic Recycling Company. Focused on growing PET plastic recycling in SA, she works to increase awareness – among consumers, government and business – about PET plastic and the fact that it is recyclable and safe to use. Her vision is that South Africans will begin to understand the potential and value of PET and recycled PET (rPET), and that they will drive positive recycling behaviour up the value chain by demanding products with recycled content.


Sihle Xaba

From the Slums to the Slide

Sihle will speak about how the ocean changed his life and how he dealt with peer pressure as a black child from a violence- and gangster-challenged township to become one of the best professional lifeguards on Durban beaches, and now a key member of the Durban Metro Police Search and Rescue Unit. A surfing career that started out as a professional body boarder who has been to Hawaii led Sihle to the starring role in Ortelo Burning, an award-winning feature film by Sarah Blecher. His role in Ortelo Burning brought him to several television roles, and he has become a well known TV celebrity.


Andre Rutishauser

A short history of Sea Shepherd

Andre was born and bred in Durban ,South Africa and spent 19 years sailing and backpacking the world. While on his travels he started to notice the slow systematic destruction of our delicate marine eco-systems and after reading the book the ``Whale Warriors`` in 2007 he decided to join the internationally renowned marine conservation group, Sea Shepherd. In 2007, he obtained his ships captains license and then In 2015 he was nominated to captain his first Sea Shepherd ship, the Sam Simon in Operation Sleppid Grindini up in the Faroe Islands. Since then he has been directly involved in various Sea Shepherd campaigns around the world and continues to support various other Environmental and Animal Rights Activist groups in South Africa. He also owns a vegan and vegetarian Cafe called Conscious Cafe up in Hillcrest and is passionate about ``Being the Change that We would All Like to See in The World``.


Faine Pearl Laubser

Taking you below the surface into the incredible world of The Great African Sea Forest.

Faine is a young documentary filmmaker with a deep passion for the ocean. Initially she expressed her photography and filmmaking through social media, becoming a brand ambassador for GoPro and building a large social presence through her adventures around Cape Town, but she soon found herself sucked into a world of inauthenticity and hyper-commodification. This set her on a path to discover her authenticity, which she found in the kelp forests along the Cape Peninsula. Faine is more at home in the sea than on land and moves like an amphibian underwater. For the past three years she has been diving virtually every single day in the kelp forests off the cape peninsula, with Sea Change Project, discovering, documenting and ultimately protecting the kelp forests.


Mark Addison

Surfer and Shark Interactions

Speaking up for those that cannot speak has been at the forefront of Mark, Gail and their daughter, Ella’s, efforts always and with sharks being key among the voiceless their efforts have often been for and on behalf of this misunderstood predator. With over 30 years at the pointy end, join Mark in an unpacking of Surfer and Shark interactions from his immersed perspective.

Mark is a keen marine enthusiast and the son of a marine scientist. With his wife Gail, Mark owned and operated one of the world’s premier marine expedition companies and they organized, outfitted and ran expeditions for scientists, award-winning filmmakers and photographers as well as those in search of the ultimate diving experience. Mark pioneered marine and freshwater adventure experiences in Southern Africa and also raised the bar on some of the existing marine offerings of the day by creating novel experiences with wildlife and integrating marine science into the process. Mark’s diving has taken him from the fairest – and often wildest - Cape all the way up the east coast of Southern Africa to the far reaches of Mozambique, to Bassas Da India and Europa, to Cosmoledo and Astove in the Seychelles. Mark has had incredible experiences with Africa’s charismatic mega-fauna.


Sarah Ferguson

Sarah talks about her endurance swims and why she does them - to bring awareness around plastic pollution and single-use plastic. Her swims have given her a voice and credibility to share her views around plastic pollution, she uses facts and slides to illustrate this, encouraging people, and offering lifestyle alternatives, to change their behaviour. The talks are designed to inspire our future generations to go and live their dream, being mindful of the impact their daily choices have on the environment. And pushes home the message: to live deeply and tread lightly.

Sarah is a physiotherapist and runs a private practice in Durban North at a multi-disciplinary centre. She is also a motivational speaker, Pilates instructor, a retired National Swimmer and swim coach, an advocate for the plight against plastic, and brand ambassador for SPAR Eastern Cape. Sarah is passionate about the ocean and works tirelessly to safeguard it for future generations to enjoy and appreciate responsibly. Since 2012 she has been competing in, and pioneering, ocean swims both locally and internationally, to help raise awareness of single-use plastic pollution. In 2019, she became the first person ever, to circumnavigate Easter Island, swimming 63km in 19 hours.


Judy Mann-Lang

Highlights of South Africa’s new Marine Protected Areas

In a world first, South Africa proclaimed 20 new Marine Protected Areas earlier this year. The proclamation was the culmination of over 10 years of hard work by many people. This presentation will tell the story of the partnerships, research and engagement that led to the proclamation of the new MPAs and will highlight some of the features of our oceans that are now protected.

Judy is passionate about marine conservation and has focused her career on helping people to care for the oceans. She has worked for the South African Association for Marine Biological Research (SAAMBR) in Durban since 1992. She was a research scientist in the Oceanographic Research Institute and SAAMBR Director of Education. As uShaka Sea World Director she led the team that moved the old aquarium to the new uShaka Marine World, the largest aquarium complex in Africa. She was the first woman Chief Executive Officer of SAAMBR. She is currently the Conservation Strategist of the Association. She holds a Master’s Degree in Ichthyology, a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and PhD from the University of Queensland in Australia.


Marck Botha

Marck will talk about the beginning of his ocean photography journey and using photography as a tool to stay connected to the ocean. He will take the audience through a slide show of some of his most special ocean images and the stories behind them. The audience is invited to travel along to some of the magical places he has had the opportunity to shoot, from our beautiful South African coast to the crystal waters of Hawaii.

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