A surf event that’s more about surfing and less about competing. With a number of options for surfers from day entries to year memberships, some of which include a club t-shirt and tote, we look to create events that are open to all. We do not have male and female categories, but put on mixed heats in teams to create a greater sense of community between new and existing members. Everyone judges the heat two before their own.
Within a surf industry that is so fragmented, with little sense of tangible realness and rawness, we try our best to take it back to its core – an appreciation for the crafts we ride, historic surf influences that often go unappreciated and the alternative surf style that is slowly coming to realisation throughout the world.
More than this, our South African surf landscape has a deep history of surfing that is often overlooked or dominated by strong connotations to performance-oriented and competitive surfing. This is not to say that we do not align ourselves with surfing of the highest level, but rather that surfing is not just a sport. We encourage members to surf whatever they feel fits the conditions, with emphasis on judging style, control and uniqueness.
Our founders Cristina Rovere, James Savage and Bennet Atkinson have drawn on many years of commitment to alternative surfing and time spent abroad to create an informed and grounded surf club and comp that is representative of a new wave of surf in South Africa.

19 MARCH 2023

SUNDAY MORNING  – Surf Contest

Date: Sunday 19th March

Time: 7:30am for 8:00am 

Location: tbc wind dependant 



Date: Sunday 19th March

Time: 17:30 for 18:00 

Venue: The Labia Theatre



France, 2022, 13min
Director: Guillem Cruells
The Labia Theatre Cape Town, 18:00 Sunday 19 March

This languid film profiles the soulful style and alternative spirit of French longboarding savant Clovis Donizetti. From his surfing roots in Biarritz to his self-taught education in literature, philosophy, and music, Donezetti and his fellow countryman Jules Lepecheux travel through southern Spain in search of culturally rich parallels between riding waves and the performing flamenco arts.

US, 2023, 37min
Director: Jack Coleman
The Labia Theatre Cape Town, 18:00 Sunday 19 March

The title of this great little film is self explanatory. Surfing is, of course, the ultimate Natural High. And, as alternative surf writer and finless savant Jamie Brisick says, when you watch a Jack Coleman movie, you plunge into a joyous world filled with peeling waves and sideways drifts and luminous characters and always great music. Kiff surf flick with extra salt and a bigger dose of soul.