Auction: 28th November 2017 / Jack Black Brewery

The Wavescape Art Board Project has been raising awareness and funds for ocean charities since 2005. We invite artists to turn surfboards into art for an exhibition and auction. This year, comedian Rob Van Vuuren will run the auction at the Jack Black Brewery for some fund-raising, fun and frivolity.

In true Wavescape style there are no more tables available, bar stools and general standing as usual will take place.

Mon 20 Nov to Tues 28 Nov, 9am till late.

Sold to highest bidder on night of the auction: Tues 28 November. Doors open 7pm. Auction starts 8pm, although Rob will no doubt do some comedy first. Contact us if you would like to bid by proxy or phone. / 0835095106

2017 Board Shape
The boards are based on the Mini Simmons. Thank you to YORK SURF & Craig Paul.

Since 2005, we donate proceeds of the auction to the NSRI, Shark Spotters and Waves For Change. We have helped fund several NSRI boats and helped the Shark Spotters keep surfers and sharks in mostly harmonious co-habitation. This year will will also be donating to Adaptive Surfing, The Beach -Co-op and the 9MilesProject

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Proudly supported by Save Our Seas FoundationPETCO, the South African PET Plastic Recycling Company, MSC – Marine Stewardship Council, Jack Black Beer, Fast Company South Africa, Wavescape, Wesgro & Channel24  Mami Wata, & Deus




Lionel Smit

Lionel Smit is best known for his contemporary portraiture executed through monumental canvases and sculptures. Perhaps more than anything else, Lionel Smit’s art is defined by a deeply rooted symbiotic relationship between sculpture and painting. Based in Strand, Cape Town, Smit’s process as an artist today remains adaptive, inventive, and physically engaging. Smit’s painting has been exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery in London where it received the Viewer’s Choice Award. In June 2016, Smit installed a public art installation, Morphous, in Union Square, New York.


Brett Murray

Brett Murray is one of South Africa’s most renowned artists, and has been called “The dark prince of South African pop (art)”. Working with steel, bronze and and an assortment of mediums Murray aims to critically entertain. This often includes pop-culture iconography that he skillfully manipulates through satire and subversion. He is remembered by Wavescapes Surf Art fans for his infamous surfboard featuring a naked Bart Simpson with an erection, and the words “I Love Africa!”. Murray’s work has been exhibited extensively in South Africa and abroad, and he was the Standard Bank Young Artist of the Year for 2002. He is a full time artist and lives in Cape Town with his wife Sanell Aggenbach and their daughter and son.


Beezy Bailey

Beezy Bailey (born 21 July 1962 in Johannesburg, South Africa) is a South African artist who works in various media, including painting, sculpture, drawing, printmaking and ceramics. He has been a full-time artist for 30 years, with over 20 one-man shows in London, Johannesburg and Cape Town as well as numerous group shows around the world. He received a fine art degree from Byam Shaw School of Art in London in 1986, after studying two years of life drawing and then a third in printmaking, painting and sculpture.


Andrzej Urbanski

Andrzej Urbanski is a contemporary painter who functions within his own harmony of rules and marked parameters. His distilled geometric language is a working practice that is clearly attuned to both fluid movement and stable formal resolution. It takes great effort for a painted surface to ebb and flow effortlessly. The artworks of Urbanski undulate with this ease – a complex saturation of ‘frequencies’ that denote painstaking awareness of colour and forms and equally one feels a calming resolved balance. This rhyme of shapes converges to expresses a state of perfection for the artist. Some even evoke the sensation of three-dimensionality despite being flat planes of colour, and this serves to allow us the viewers to project the experience from beyond the canvas and into our own personal space.


Jake Aikman

Jake Aikman was born in London in 1978 and lives in Cape Town. He obtained his Master of Fine Arts in 2008 from the Michaelis School of Fine Art, after completing his Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2005. Aikman had his first solo exhibition This Must Be The Place in 2006. Since then, he has presented six solo exhibitions including Echoes (2009), Proximity (2011) and At the Quiet Limit (2013), Confini Velati (Rome 2014). In 2009, Aikman exhibited in L’Anima Del Acqua: The Spirit of Water an exhibition presented as part of the 53rd Venice Biennale. He was also an invited artist for the 4th Beijing International Art Biennale and exhibited in Paralleli, an official exhibition to the 2nd Sabbionetta Biennale in 2010 and the Olympic Fine Arts exhibition Creative Cities Collection that was held at the Barbican Centre in London in 2012. In February 2017, Aikman presented his first Johannesburg solo exhibition ‘Haunt’ at Smac gallery in Rosebank, and was also exhibited at The Cape Town Art Fair. In September and October of 2017, he showed at the Johannesburg Art Fair and 1:54 Art Fair in London, respectively.


Jenna Barbe

Jenna Barbe researches the duality of existing in two worlds. Exploring the inner and outer body, the artist addresses the conflict that occurs between the emotional state and the external physical image that is portrayed. This duality extends to the artist’s relationship with the ocean and the relationships within her social world. Barbe draws her inspiration and materials from nature, transforming her surf equipment by using the objects as metaphors for the body. Working from an introspective framework, the artist is interested in self-inquiry, communication of self and the human condition. By altering exterior fac?ades, Barbe is able to create a new identity and initiate a healing process. The work confronts mankind’s need for escape from daily existence and explores the concepts of paradise in an effort to disrupt the viewers’ perceptions of their own reality.



Artist Kirsten Sims, born in 1987, completed a BA in Applied Design at the Stellenbosch Academy (2011) and completed her Honours degree in Illustration at Stellenbosch University (2014). She lives and works in Cape Town but the vista she has painted most is the ocean view from her family home in Mossel Bay. Kirsten’s philosophy in life and art is “one thing leads to another”. Her own path has led to editorial and commercial illustration projects; solo shows in Cape Town and Toronto; inclusions in numerous art fairs and group exhibitions; and a published children’s picture book. Through her painting Kirsten seeks connection; to communicate the way she sees the world. Her work has a strong narrative quality and is often animated by a sartorial crowd of characters. She just as naturally replaces the theatre of human interaction with the drama of a natural landscape. Whether familiar or imagined, place plays an important role in her work. Kirsten is represented by Salon 91.


Liza Grobler

Liza Grobler comes from a family of surfers and is currently working on a multi faceted project that explores the sea - what lies beneath the surface- as a space in which myths come alive.
She lives in Cape Town, swims often, travels when she can and creates works in collaboration with other artists and artisans. Her projects have led her to many places and spaces, including Mexico, Norway and the Groot Karoo. Her aim is to create tangible experiences that contradict the rules and parameters of rational thinking. She employs pipe cleaners, crystals, rope, oil paint and even crocheting to do this. Through interaction and participation, she blurs the invisible lines that exist between art, craft and life. Her installations create dialogues with the spaces in which they are displayed. The viewer is encouraged to travel with her into an imaginary world where fact and fiction become one, everything is in flux, and anything is possible.


Marti Lund & Chris Auret (Maak Boards)

Marti Lund, a painter of things onto things: trained as a realistic oil painter, his work has branched into surrealised street art, surfboard art and participatory murals within schools and non-profits organisations, using mostly acrylics and spraypaint.

Chris Auret - A South African Artist and Maker of Things (paintings, murals, photographs, films, writings, sounds and more), currently residing in Cape Town.


Alexis Aronson

Alexis is a self taught illustrator, designer and artist, living in Cape Town. Her art is populated by mythical creatures and beings that serve as an embodiment of natural forces, and emissaries from the unseen realms of psyche, dream and story. Her media range from digital illustration and design to fine art techniques such as intaglio printmaking, ceramic sculpture and painting. In between working for clients and creating her own art for exhibition, Alexis is an avid yogi, hiker, and gardener. Alexis’s love for the ocean finds expression through obsessive swimming, snorkeling, diving and serving as an ocean kayak guide.