Hosted by Wavescape, Sentinel Ocean Alliance and Gone.

An evening of conversation, coastal community and ocean care

We present an evening with passionate “people of the sea” to find solutions to the multitude of threats we face to keep the ocean blue, the earth green, and the beaches beige and sandy.

In the light of numerous recent, and not so recent, challenges facing the oceans and coastal communities around South Africa, we profile NGO’s whose representatives seek solutions for the benefit of the planet and her people. This is not an evening to be weighed down by a heavy heart, despite the overwhelming sense that sometimes the obstacles are insurmountable, but to come together as a community to feel hope, and to gain inspiration, from those who create social and environmental impact for planet A. After all, there is no planet B.

We profile people from five NGOs: Sentinel Ocean Alliance, Sea Change Project, Parley for the Oceans, Litterboom Project and Protect the West Coast, with short films and talks, followed by a panel discussion with scientists, small-scale fishers’ representatives, activists, and seafarers to dig deeper into issues facing us as ocean lovers. This is followed by a Q & A with the audience.


MCs Spike (founder, Wavescape)
Maryke Musson (former CEO, Two Oceans Aquarium Foundation)


-Marguerite Hofmeyr (Sentinel Ocean Alliance)
-Grant Cleghorn (Gone.)
-Kholofelo Sethebe (Parley Ocean School)
-Josh Redman (Litterboom Project)
-Faine Loubser (Sea Change Project)
-Camila Budden (Protect the West Coast)


-Kholofelo Sethebe and Frank Solomon (Parley Ocean School and Sentinel Ocean Alliance)
-Josh Redman (Litterboom Project)
-Thando Mazomba (marine biologist and All Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance Ambassador)
-Faine Loubser (Sea Change Project)
-Hilda Adams (founder Weskusmandjie, South African Small Scale Fishers Collective)
-Camila Budden (Protect the West Coast)
-Maddie Rasmussen (former Sea -Shepherd activist who manages food choice organisation Oceaneers)

Date: Tuesday 1 March 2022
Time: Arrive 18h00 for refreshments
Event starts: 19h00
Venue: Two Oceans Aquarium in the V&A Waterfront


Maryke Musson

former CEO, Two Oceans Aquarium Education Foundation

Maryke is often described as an energetic ocean optimist who loves making a difference - to people and the planet. As a qualified marine scientist, physiologist and circular economy and sustainable development specialist, she tends to get involved in anything salty, from saving turtles, to growing fish to volunteering at beach clean-ups and adaptive surfing sessions, to sharing hopeful and inspiring stories of caring for and about our ocean and coastal communities. She is based in Zeeland in the Netherlands at the moment, literally living below sea level and making waves in sustainable aquaculture development.


Frank Solomon

Sentinel Ocean Alliance

Frank has a deep love for our oceans. Being a professional big wave surfer and travelling the world one wave at a time, he has found his second passion as founder and director at Sentinel Ocean Alliance - conserving the ocean by passing on his love and knowledge to the youth of our coastal communities. He aims to empower a new generation of Ocean Guardians through the programmes at SOA and by collaborating with other conservation efforts around the world such as Parley For The Oceans.


Kholofelo Sethebe

Parley Ocean School

Kholo is the educator at the Parley Ocean School in Hout Bay. She holds a BSc (Hons) degree in Biodiversity and Conservation Biology majoring in Marine biology from University of the Western Cape. Following graduation, she worked as an outreach officer at Sea Search Research and Conservation as part of the DST-NRF Internship Programme, where she not only fell in love with the ocean but educating the youth about the ocean too. Kholofelo then worked as a marine biology intern at the Two Oceans Aquarium as part of the WWF Internship Programme. In between the internship programmes she worked as a research assistant at SANBI. She has a passion for being out on the ocean, and dreams of becoming proficient in sailing and diving, and to become one of the first well-known Marine Biologists from Limpopo focusing both on studying our oceans and educating the youth.


Marguerite Hofmeyr

Sentinel Ocean Alliance

Marguerite is Director of Operations at Sentinel Ocean Alliance. A qualified lawyer, she is also a PADI Scuba Diving Instructor and Master Scuba Diver Trainer, freediver and surfer. She studied Law at the University of Stellenbosch and after completing her articles at the Legal Aid Board, she worked for a specialist environmental law firm, Smith, Ndlovu & Summers as an Environmental Lawyer. While studying towards a master’s degree in Environmental Law she completed a semester as an exchange student at Melbourne University and ended up spending another 6 years living in Melbourne. During this time, she worked at an NGO, the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre as a Human Rights Lawyer in their Refugee Law Programme. Marguerite is passionate about social and environmental justice and believes the two concepts are interdependent.


Thando Mazomba

All Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance Ambassador

Marine Scientist and Youth Ambassador for All Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance - one of three South African marine scientists and 22 global ambassadors. Her work is to understand the ocean from all perspectives, and to shed light on the intersectionality within marine research, industry and conservation. From a diverse country, Thando believes that people hold multiple but different relationships with the ocean that are equally important. She also has a deep belief to address socio-economic challenges, while already engaging with marine organisations, creating content and offering mentorship. Thando is part of the inaugural cohort of OceanWomxn, a fellowship that celebrates black and brown womxn in oceanographic research.


Faine Pearl Loubser

Sea Change Project

Faine is a documentary filmmaker and environmental storyteller with a deep passion for the ocean. Over the past years she has developed her media skills working with GoPro as a content manager and filmmaker, Wavescape Surf and Ocean Festival as a curator, and several documentaries as a director, producer and underwater cinematographer as well as assisting on Academy Award winning documentary My Octopus Teacher. Her work now focuses on developing and producing the Forests of the Sea project with the Sea Change Project.


Josh Redman

Litterboom Project

A former professional surfer on the World Surf League Qualifying Series, Josh Redman was a dominant force in SA Junior surfing, where he wore the Green and Gold several times. His attention then turned to riding giant waves, something that he also excelled at, earning a global reputation as a fearless surfer often seen out at the most notorious surf breaks when at their biggest and scariest. A multiple invitee to big wave surfing events around the world, he now focuses on doing good in his home country. He founded the Litterboom Project in KwaZulu Natal that has become the country’s first large scale river interception program, which focuses on stopping marine plastic pollution from ending in the ocean. Litterboom has spread to other provinces, and now has a branch in Cape Town.


Camila Budden

Protect the West Coast

Camila Budden is the chairperson of Protect the West Coast and a Biophilic Designer by profession. Her Masters in Sustainable Development Management and Planning shaped the narrative of focusing on how to support and protect biodiversity in the work she does. Her personal philosophy that drives her is the belief that humans need nature to thrive and one of the biggest threats to our survival currently is biodiversity loss.
Protect the West Coast's vision is to get more of the West Coast gazetted as protected as well as to spearhead a strategy that ensures only a certain percentage of the coastline is available for mining activity. Her personal vision for her biophilic design work is to support biodiversity in the way we design the built environment as well as create opportunities for authentic connection between humans and the natural world.'


Hilda Adams

Founder Weskusmandjie, South African Small Scale Fishers Collective

Activist and fisher and community leader Hilda Adams believes that the ocean provides, heals, and sustains, but only if we protect it in turn. Aunty Hilda is a formidable force in the traditional fishing communities up the West Coast fighting for the right to claim a fair share of the bounty of the sea. Like her ancestors Hilda seeks to make a living through fishing but through the little woven basket that lends its name to Weskusmandjie, the women’s cooperative started by Hilda in the fishing village of Steenberg’s Cove, between Velddrif and St Helena Bay. “We are custodians of the oceans and the species,” she says. “We are not spilling oil into the ocean, we are not dredging for gas, we are not putting profit before people. We are the people. We want to continue living a decent life, to sustain the harvest and protect the resources for our next generation, because we are borrowing it from them.”


Maddie Rasmussen

Former Sea Shepherd activist who manages food choice organisation Oceaneers

With a rich and diverse background in the aquatic realm, Maddie is a Dive Instructor, commercial Scientific Diver, commercial skipper, conservationist and herbalist. Working for years for the well known Sea Shepherd Global as a Dive Master and Deckhand, conducting research such as plastics in pelagic fish, deep sea micro-plastic trawls and fishing by-catch surveys. Her front-line work includes shutting down a fleet of illegal drift-netters, chasing down a notorious tooth-fish poaching fleet in Antarctica, and defending the Great Australian Bight from oil companies. Maddie has also worked with the BBC as Dive Master on film sets in some remarkable parts of the world, to then later working in Borneo rebuilding coral reefs from bomb fishing. Recently, Maddie worked in Malaysia managing a marine research station, focusing on empowering the indigenous community and tourists on sustainable ocean practices. Now Maddie finds herself in Cape Town managing Oceaneers, an ocean ‘food choice’ initiative.


Grant Cleghorn

Founder of Gone. Outdoor Supply Co.

Grant Cleghorn is an industry professional working in the action sports and outdoor industry for the last 15 years. As a passionate outdoorsman and inspired by the business philosophy of Yvon Chouinaird, founder of Patagonia, Grant started Gone. Outdoor Supply Co. in 2018. As members of 1% For The Planet, Gone directs a minimum of 1% of all sales towards local grassroots organisations including Sentinel Ocean Alliance, The Sea Change Project and Protect The West Coast.
Grant believes in the power of ordinary people taking action.